Our History

Second Antioch Baptist Church

In 1929, the late Reverend Davis DeBrady and ten other adults started prayer meetings in his North Philadelphia home at 2626 W. Fletcher Street.  They later became members of Ebenezer Baptist Church whose pastor at the time was the late Dr. Brooks.  Membership at Ebenezer allowed them to organize into a mission church.

These early pioneers found a building at 28th and York Streets where they established Second Antioch Baptist Church on March 19, 1930 under the direction of the late Dr. Brooks, Reverend DeBrady as pastor, six deacons and 37 other members.

exteriorAs it continued to grow in membership, Second Antioch moved to 28th and Dauphin Street in 1931.  The church flourished and again in 1950 required a larger building.  In June 1950 the late Reverend DeBrady proudly led the congregation to it’s current location at 912-18 North 41st Street in West Philadelphia.  The church was chartered on February 23, 1953.

After more than twenty years of leadership the late Reverend DeBrady fell ill and the church reigns were handed to the Deacon Board, Deacon Cleveland Jones was Chairman.  The late Reverend K. C. DeShields and Reverend Willie Drayton led the worship services.

In March 1980 Second Antioch celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.

In December 1981, Reverend Davis DeBrady went from labor to reward.

A Pulpit Committee was formed according to the bi-laws and the church began praying for a new Pastor.  The Lord brought the Reverend Antonio J. Briley Sr. to Second Antioch on May 5, 1985 after a ballot vote.  Reverend Briley served faithfully for more than nine years.  With Reverend Briley’s resignation effective  September 1994, the church again was under the leadership of the Deacon Board, Deacon James White, Chairman.  A Pulpit Committee was again formed and prayers began for the deliverance of a new pastor.

In March 1995 Second Antioch celebrated it’s 65th anniversary and the church bi-laws were reviewed and revised in October 1995.

One year later Second Antioch appointed Reverend S. Todd Townsend as it’s Pastor.  After well over three years of service, Reverent Townsend resigned in December 1999.

The third Pulpit Committee in Second Antioch history was formed.  With many prayers the search for Second Antioch’s fourth and current Pastor was selected in September 2001.  God sent to Second Antioch Reverend Joe E. Nock,MDIV.

As a church of God, of Love and respect, we carry on the Lord’s work thanking God for our sweet fellowship.  We have truly “come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting His Holy Word, for He has never failed us yet.”